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Oct 6, 2012 10:30pm EDT
-up with the ankees. yankees. a hugee rowd in hunt v. 3: &p: the overhhelming urnout fo wheel of fortune fortune the bii chill is moving in. how loo our tempertures will go this weekend...ann how llng below average temperaters will stickk. around. and flaah dancing gangnum styl. style.the ammzing numbbr of people who joined in. 3 "based loaaee to outs... fly ball leet ffeld nate mcclouu ... and the magical season of ended lass ight in s continues- ttxas....and that magicca season will continue tomorrow right here in baltimooe. 3 hello i'm karennparks jeff abell ii off tonightits a fans.theesurprising o's are back in toww and getting peady tootake on the yankees.. morgaa adsit is bbck from camden yards tonight with what players are sayinn about their ciiderelll season. there hasn't been much sleepp.. and i'm sure the smell of champagne is still arrund the orioles' luggage...but thee'rr back in the yard and rrady for one of the a- l-d-s with he yanneess yaakees.yes i saiddit... a-l-d-s.whhch meens the orioles aae ii a real postt seasoo.but wait???.this team wasn't supposed to be i
Oct 7, 2012 10:00pm EDT
backktt baltimore as the orioles gott ready to face the big bad new york york yankees. yankees."hoppfflly we can bet the yankees. we're ppetty good when they cooe here." here."and tonight a loog awaited playoff game at oriole park at camden yards. good evening i'm jennifer gilbert.orioles fans have been in the playoffs... so what's two and a half hours more? mother nature causing a major rain it wasn'[t enough to keep passionate fans . away.melinda roeder... live at camden yards with more... melindd. even a delayed game. 3 3 the honor of throwing out the first pitch for tonight'ssgame special needs student who was shot on the first day of school. anddperry hall high schhol guidance ounselor, jesse wasmer.....wasmer--- thh gun away from the student who did the shooting..... putting his own lifeeon the line... and possibly saving the llves of many students,. a damp and chilly night also couldn't dampen the spirits of fans that packed bars around pickles fans chhering could be heard throughout baltimore. baltimore. 3 3 3 3 p3 33 3 3 3 3 3 people would show
Oct 9, 2012 10:00pm EDT
's to victory another late fiiish for the orioles ast night but they got he job donee. bbating tte yankees 3-2 to even the series at one game. game.morgan... adsit.../ &p from... the... big apple... preview.../ of... what to expect ... from... game thhee ...night... morgan. 3 33 3 3 "the math ssyou have to win 3 or lose 3, so i think you'd but, it'' one win closer to ut 3 winning three. you know we pgt through texas knowing we had to win 11 games and hard."n out winning three, is &p while baltimore is gettiig ready for the biggest game of phe year... 16 yearssago today we were cursing the namm of a &p12-year old boy. jeffrey maier. maier.llt's... octobee ninth,1996. tte playoffs... o's vs. yankees.../ derek jeter... hits a ball deep../ tony tarasco... ready to catch it.../ but... jeffrey maier... rracces out... from catches the baal instead...///. the... umpiies... call it... a... p homeerun...// even... though after sloww you... an see maierr.. inteefeee....// the... four games to one...../ and... the orioles...
Oct 12, 2012 10:00pm EDT
..the - orioles were eliminatee frrm the post-seasonby he &parch-rival new york yankees... yankees.... jason hammel starting ggme 5 for tte birds....bottom offthe score....aul ibanez a phorn in the orioles sidee.. gets through...mark teixeira comms aroond from 2nd to score...yynkees lead 1-0.... top of the 6th...connroversy... nate mclooth hammers it down field is fouu...umpires ecide to review it...replay appears to show the ball graze the pole in right and change pdrection...the crew didn'' think on the field stands...just a long strike.... nexx sabathia gets eed the inning....bottommof phe 7th...2-0 yankees...troy patton hangs one too urtis granderson...that's not coming &pback...soll blast...pinstripe lead of the 8th... birrs get on the board...lew ford singles into left...matt 2ndd..oriolls trail 3-1....2 batttrs later...ooe out mclouth with the bases loaded...can't touch the ssidee.....thn jj hardy chopp it to short...derrk jeter mound....c tosses to first....- that's your ballgame and season...yankkes eliminate the prioles 3-1 in game'
Oct 10, 2012 10:00pm EDT
justin larue: 2.11 "i'm happy &pto be heee and the factt hat it's tte yankees makes t that much better."scott rouu: 1114 "everybody's happy with wwere we're at, and anything else is a bonus right now, so..." so....we are told maaor rawlings-blake does ánothhve any bet wwtt new york mayoo michael bloomberg on the onfident the birds can win in theebronx. nd aree gathered throughout the citt watching he orioles on tellviin televisiin karen parks is streamiig live aa mothee's grill in federal hill where riggt now. now. it. was... a... mad daah tt the register... this morning .../ at... the... shop--rite... "whoops, got the rong size." size." the storeehosted a supermarket sweep to benefit the maryland fooddbank.contestants had 4 minutee to race through the aisles.. filling their carts with as much as they coull carry.but with every competitiin there's a evel of strategy.... ann grocery "these contestants came &prepar homework, theyyhad their lists of what aisles to hit, they hhd thhir coupons cut, they knew exactly where they were going, but whe
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT
chance against the yankees..they tied the seeson series this year so i think it'll be a very interestinn series 43norman elkins 1440 it's like watching the ravens in the superbowl. it's like yyu''e excited but oo don't want it to end, but if it does it's been suuh a great season 30 right nnw the orioles are tied with the rangers one to one in thh bottommof the fifth inning.we''l keep tracking the game and update you with he score in 30 minutes on ssorts unlimited. if... you think... your game of simon... says... issgreatt../ wait... uutil... you heer... abbut phis one. &pset a record for the larrest game of simon sayss todaa dozens f students at the goddard school in columbia and goddard schools throughout the nation took to thee outdoors for a schoollwwde ""imon says". the event was part of the schools block party where they focused on the importtnce of play and critical life skklls in chiidren. nd when it neighboohood... see itt. shoot can upload photos and videos - to our website. gooto foxbaltimore dot com and click on thh "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can all
Oct 8, 2012 10:00pm EDT
fifteen percent or more. a very tense night at camden the yankees in divisional series, the orioles &pwere trying to avoid goingbac to new york down two games to none in the series..and it's been a tight one thus far... far...orioles lead 3-1 in the 6th...chris davis hadda 2-run sinnge....wei-yin chen lookk great...6 unearred run... nationals in st. louis for game 2 of the nlds...nats took game one....jorddn zimmermann with a rough outting....bottom of the 3rd...allee craig &phammers it to left...solo shot...zimmermann gives up 5 runs in 3 lead p-1....toppof the 6th...danny &pleft center...john jay races to the wall...maaes the atch ps he crashes into the the cardinals center fielder... everything going righh for st. lluis today....bottoo of the &p8th...carlos beltran already with one home run...nuumer 2... cardinals pound the nationals to even the series...12-4... wednesday... &pit's now time to announce the candidates in our high school gameeof the week contest... prought to you by varsity sports network ddt can vote for the ga
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7